The Joy of Failure, Again!

Well, back at the drawing board. I have been working on a new instrument for a couple months now with no success. I seem to keep coming back to the same processes and developing them. I am in the mood for a change and perhaps SuperCollider3 will be it. I am digging back in hoping that a fresh start and a different approach will help bring about some inspiration. The Essence Synth has come to a halt. I have the programming done, but it does not work as I had hoped. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but the additive synth engine (which I have been working on for almost 10 years now) is starting to wear thin on me. I am a believer in long term development, but I am hoping to move my development ahead by working in a different environment for a while. I have to admit that the first few examples that I have worked on in SC3 sound good. Is this because they are sound focused not process focused? This seems to be a big difference between the two. PD tutorials focus on control operations from the beginning and SC on sound, perhaps the solution is in a melding of the two over OSC. 

Will get to programming and see how it all works out. 

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