And Then There Was Progress.

I have been enjoying my work in SuperCollider. It is always exhilarating and frustrating (re-)learning a new programming environment. It did inspire some different perspectives and it helping me push forward on a new instrument (not sure what it will be called, it is a hybrid of my Essence Synth meets what I have been calling Re-J [see next weeks post for more info on that]. I was saved by the implementation of some good resonate filters, what a simple solution. The spectral analysis is pretty strong and the re-synthesis has been reworked. 

The current workings of the instrument is an implementation of real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis and manipulation with 2 Thrustmaster Joysticks. I have really hit some wall while working through this instrument. It has been a real struggle to find some working processes that are pushing myself into some new territories. I have found it too easy not to delve deeper and change directions. I still think the final product will be too similar to some other software i have written, but I do find the method of working with real-time sampling and the interfacing very exciting. 

This is next weeks topic, the idea of the Re-J.

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