What the gig is about

In 2005 Dirk Stromberg was introduced to the work of Michel Waisviszz and STEIM. He was inspired by the musical interaction that Michel had with “The Hands” and the way it transcended the boarders of hardware controllers into a realm of instrumental complexities and interactions. From this inspiration development of a new instrument began and in 2009 the Strombophone was born.strombophone

The Strombophone is designed to be an intuitive interactive instrument that attempts to emulate the color possibilities of woodwind and string instruments. It is not an emulation of these instruments, rather an electronic reconceptualization of the possibilities available with these instruments. The hardware for the instrument aims primarily to be thought of as an instrument not as a control surface.

Through inter-dependent mapping processes the Strombophone interacts with a Bell Granular Synthesizer and a hybrid physical modeling engine based on the research of Perry Cook. In recent years there has also been the implementation of analog synthesis controlled over MIDI to expand the interactive paradigm across more platforms. The result is a poly-timbrel hybrid digital/analog instrument that is capable of synthesizing a diverse timbrel range while still enabling discrete pitch control.

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