Course Title: Integrated Technology in Performance and Improvisation.

Brief: In this course students will learn fundamental skills for the use of technology in performance including recording and processing of audio signals in a compositional and improvisational context. Students will have hands on experience working with technology and creating music with their instrument and augmenting its musical possibilities through experimentation. The culmination of thPaperArtist_2013-01-20_19-11-01is eight-week course will be a series of short performances by the students.


Course Outline:

  • Week 1, 22 January – Introduction to Connecting Audio – Setting up NuhnEdu and controllers, some sound experiments – Tutorials for NuhnEdu
  • Week 2, 29 January – Processing Types and Experimentation – Strombinet
  • Week 3, 5 February – Playing with mapping

Break for Experimentation

  • Week 4, 19 February – Fundamentals of Composition – Compositional exercises on instruments
  • Week 5, 26 February – Live Processing on instruments, miking instruments. – Assignment of film project and final project
  • Week 6, 5 March – Guided Experimentation and Composition


  • Week 7, 26 March – Consultations
  • Week 8, 2 April – Rehearsals

Editing Break
Week 9 – Performance

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