Course: Performance & Interaction, DM2009

Wednesdays: 16:30-19:30

@ Art-1-11A

Performance and Interaction is a course designed to introduce students to performance art through exposure,


discussion and performance. The class

focuses the implementation of technology in the pursuit of expressing a student’s personal goal. This goal could be a political stance, a social concern or a cultural curiosity. Max/MSP is introduced to teach ways for software interaction. Arduino is introduced to look at ways that hardware can

be implemented in for interaction. The course is geared to a single final performance by each of the students.

Course Materials and Info


9 thoughts on “NTU

  1. Hi teacher, I will be overseas from 6-17 Feb. So I will be absent for the next 2 weeks class. Is there any remedy I can do?

    1. it is difficult for me to say. A great deal of work is in class. You will have to find a way to catchup when you get back.

      Gong Xi Fa Chai

  2. Dear Dirk
    Happy Chinese new year (in advance)!!
    I tried my best to catch up, since I have missed the first two seminars… one question, the Arduino has been taught already? Because I saw assignment 1 is about using Arduino. I have not learned MAX much… just got a taste from last week’s session.

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