This course has two (2) major assignments for assessment.


Assignment 1

1st Project Assignment – This project should be the first part of your final project.

Create a work of performance art with the use of arduino (Max/MSP is optional). The work should entice audience interaction and should be presentable in public (though this will be a class presentation). Use this as a test-bed or a prototype for Assignment 2. You may enlist the help of classmates to bring the performance to fruition. The work should be documented with videos and photos. There should also be photos of your hardware and screen-shots of software if applicable. A short text 200-300 words describing the work is necessary as part of the documentation.

You will be assessed on:

1) Documentation (videos, photographs and text)

2) Creativity of concept and implementation

3) Craft of performance and technical execution

The performances will take place during class time on 27 February. Feel free to bring friends. Your documentation of your project must be uploaded to your website by 6 March. Your website should be available through the Syllabus page, Week 2, and should be easily identifiable and linked with your name.

Assignment 2

For assignment 2 you have two options:

1) Develop you first work to be a complete interactive performance (advised)

2) Create a new work that is a complete interactive performance

The work must meet the following criteria:

a) The work must use a piece of electronic hardware that interfaces with a computer, this may not be a computer keyboard or a mouse. It can be Arduino, WII, a game controller or another piece of hardware. If in doubt, please discuss this with your instructor.

b) The work must have a some kind of audience interaction. This means that the audience must be an active participant in the performance. This can include the audience sharing thoughts, signing, dancing, acting or reacting in someway. It can also include performance that stem from audience input or interaction.

c) The work must be a complete work. The hardware, software and performance must be fully realized and completed at the time of the performance.

The timeline is as follows (fill in this document):

Week 8 – Initial proposal of project (Should include; components of the performance)

Week 10 – Technical Requirements

Week 12 – Revision of Proposal

Week 13 – Final Presentation (in class) – Must be ready to present at the beginning of class. Documentation must be submitted by 20 November.

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

Creativity (10) – The creativity of the idea, process and implementation of the idea

Craft and Execution (5) – How well the work is executed technically, and the sophistication of the work

Documentation (5) – Photos, Videos and 300 word write-up on the work uploaded to your personal blog/website

Performance (10) – How much of a performance of the work and how is the audience engaged

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