2013 Semester 2, Final Submissions

NOTICE: Please see below to learn how to work out your logistics

Please submit your final submissions for DM2009 by 21 April 8pm (Singapore time)

Your Post to this page should include your name.

Your website should have the following components:

1) Video of your final project in a performance situation

2) Photos of the process (screenshots, photos of hardware, tests etc…)

3)  500 word write up on your project (this should include; intention, creative and technical development and the outcome)

4) Evidence of the development of the project

Failure to submit your documentation on time will result in an automatic 0 on that portion of the assessment. If your name is not clear on your posting on this page, this will result in a 0 as well.


If your work is being presented outside of the computer lab please see Poh (the technical director where you check materials out). He can assist you in checking out computers, power cables and anything else that might be needed. email at:

 Poh Zhuang Yu <ZYPoh_AT_ntu_DOT_edu_DOT_sg>

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