Today we are going to look at importing libraries, more in interactive approaches and start to work on our mid term projects.

1) Import libraries for wii

2) Create a small extension form the video program that allows for computer interaction using either fiddle~, level meeter or aka.wiiremote.

  • Consider using level better to detect a clap
  • Consider having the motion of the wii control your software
  • Consider using pitch and sining to control software

3) Check out one other tutorial either in MSP or Jitter and try a different implementation.

You should put together a proposal for your mid term project for next week.

For more interaction check out fzero~. This object will do pitch analysis.

Here are the 2 interaction examples from today -> interactionPatches

For OSC (open sound control) download these libraries for Max/MSP. Then use Control or TouchOSC to interact.


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