Introduction to performance art; perceptions, ideas, thoughts, our own lives, interaction (discussion).

Know Yourself and Your Role in Art

What is your participation in art?

What art do you enjoy?

Do you perform, how? Why?

What do you want to get out of this class?

What is Performance and Interaction

Playing the Building, David Byrne

and for those even more interested:

How does the democratization of art apply to ones ability to participate?

Marina Abramović (interview)

1) How does performance are differ from theatre?
2) What is the role of the audience, why is it different?
3) How does your own body of work relate to what Abramovic say?

Historical background of Ubu and other seedlings that led to the 1950′s movements.


In groups and individually students will put on a short series of performances from the Fluxus Workbook”. Each student should put be involved in a solo and a group performance. Your instructor is willing to be an unwitting/witting participant.


  • Limitations
  • Rules
  • The meaning of the work to you or your audience
  • Consider why the creator developed this work


Allan Kaprow

1) What is Kaprow trying to refer to by “automatic approach” of Pollock’s art?2) How does Kaprow approach the topic of space, and how is it important?
3) Do you agree with the statement about Pollock’s art being “childlike”, why or why not, and how is this relevant?
4) How does Kaprow define the artist and how will this define our class?

For Consideration

Over the next week, consider what you would like to approach in this class. Will it be a political idea, a thought about your daily life, something about your culture or something else. Think of a topic that you would like to spend the next 13 weeks exploring and developing. Be prepared to share what this idea is next week.

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