Share what you idea(s) you are interested in pursuing in the class. Briefly share what research you have done and why you are interested in the topic.


Consider the time period when this work was performed;

1) how do you believe this work was recieved?
2) In what ways is this work traditional?
3) Relate this work to the reading by Kaprow.


Yves Klein, “Chelsea Hotel Manifesto”

So what is Klein’s point really?

Take an art form you are comfortable with (ie. playing the piano, drawing, acting etc…), and create a work that explores the process of making that art. Consider how Byrne played a building, Klein painted with people and of course, the ideas of Kaprow on Pollock.


Reading for consideration: Poetry Disappearing

  • How is technology used to question the way we consider digital art in this work?
  • Find another work that does the same.

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