Developing New Tools

Introduction to Max/MSP. Objects and order of operations. Overview of fundamental objects.

Using MouseState, create a program that reacts to a participants interaction with the mouse:

1) Something shocking and surprising
2) Something subtle, yet noticeable

Please document the patch (screenshots, video with your classmate trying it)

What is Fluxus?!

Reading – Homework for next week

Georege Maciunas, Manifesto on Art/Fluxus Art-Amusement

Compare and contrast this to the Kaprow and other Happening work we have discussed.

Look at Cage’s Water Walk – http://youtu.be/SSulycqZH-U and Lucier’s Music for Solo Performer – http://youtu.be/bIPU2ynqy2Y

Consider each of their uses of technology and how each changes how we might see performance. How does this relate to Maciunas’ writing?

Documentation Project

Consider the topic that you have chosen to explore and discussed in previous classes. Create a web-page or blog for this topic. Upload your documentation and thoughts and begin to create a coherent structure for your work. This will be the building block for your first assignment in this class.

Post the link as a comment to this page before our next class meeting

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