Introduction to Arduino – what is it and why do we like it?

Getting help – the manual, the videos and the website

Try three basic configurations from the Arduino Manual and document each.

Check this out for a quick guide to Arduino wiring – http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Kits/SFE03-0012-SIK.Guide-300dpi-01.pdf

You will need to download this and add it in Max via [options -> file preferences] http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/downloads

and this too! http://www.maxuino.org/downloads

Please look at some online tutorials as well


Assignment 1

1st Project Assignment – Create a work of performance art with the use of arduino (Max/MSP is optional). The work should entice audience interaction and should be presentable in public (though this will be a class presentation). Use this as a test-bed or a prototype for Assignment 2. You may enlist the help of classmates to bring the performance to fruition. The work should be documented with videos and photos. There should also be photos of your hardware and screen-shots of software if applicable. A short text 200-300 words describing the work is necessary as part of the documentation.

You will be assessed on:

1) Documentation (videos, photographs and text)
2) Creativity of concept and implementation
3) Craft of performance and technical execution

The performances will take place during class time on 27 February. Feel free to bring friends.

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