Today we will begin our work with Arduino.

You will need to add the following libraries.


Latest OSX Version from here

Then you will need to do the following:

1) Connect your Arduino board via the USB cable/port

2) Open the Arduino 3 program on your computer

3) Push and hold the reset button on the board

4) Go to File/Examples/Firmata/StandardFirmata

5) Go to Tools, and make sure under board you select the correct board (mega2560) and select the correct port (the one that says tty)

6) Upload the library to the board (the upload is the forward arrow at the top of the window)

7) Open the help file for maxuino (where ever you left the downloaded library)

8) the SIK Guid from spark, which has all the fun examples can be found here. (see guides at the bottom of the page).

9) Make stuff and have fun 🙂

Extra Help

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