Stay tuned for concerts in Philippines, Europe and the US

Late June 2018

Duoture Tour – Malaysia  November 2017
27 November 2017 @ Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Solo Performance
26 November 2017 @ KLEX Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
DuoTure – Extended Solo Performance with Video Artist Cecile Chagnaud
DuoTure – Short Solo Performance with Video Artist Cecile Chagnaud
24 & 25 November 2017 @ MAP Festival – Malacca, Malaysia
DuoTure – Extended Solo Performance with Video Artist Cecile Chagnaud
DuoTure – Short Solo Performance with Video Artist Cecile Chagnaud

1 November 2017 @ Interdisciplinary Symposium, Singapore
DuoTure – Extended Solo Performance with Video Artist Cecile Chagnaud
DuoTure – Short Solo Performance with Video Artist Cecile Chagnaud

1 November 2017 @ Interdisciplinary Symposium, Singapore
Lecture Presentation @ 3pm

23 September 2017 @ LASALLE College of the Arts
Group Performance with Walter Thompson – Soundpainting Ensemble

17 August 2017 – Esplanade Recital Studio – Singapore
Soundpainted Chamber group with Zeitmusik

Bordeaux – 12 – 16 June 2017
12 June – Studio Session with Gryorgy Kurtag Jr and Etienne Rolin
13 June – Lecture Demonstration at Bordeaux Conservatory
14 June – Cercle Populaire de Rions NASA Ensemble with Special Guest – Dirk Johan Stromberg @ Rions – Soundpainting performance with Group Performances with Julie Laderach (Violoncello), Bruno Laurent (Contrabass), Etienne Rolin (basset Hron), Amaelle Bruussard (Sax)
15 June – Chez Mon Cuv @ 77 Rue Kleber – Solo and Group Performances with Julie Laderach (Violoncello), Bruno Laurent (Contrabass), Etienne Rolin (basset Hron), Amaelle Bruussard (Sax)

Noise Happening #3 – Nantes – 10 June 2017
Solo Performance on Phallophone

Moers Sessions @ Moers Festival – 4 June 2017
Improvised performance with Angelika Niescier (Sax) and Joe Herstein (Drums)

Islak Kopek @ Moers Festival – 3 June 2017
Getting the band back together after 10 years. Robert Reigle (sax), Korhan Erel (electronics), Sevket Akinci (guitart), Giray Gurkal (guitar), and Dirk Stromberg (phallophone)

“unspeakable eintopf” @ Tastatut – Cologne, Germany – 2 June 2017 – CANCELLED

Lecture Demonstration – 13 April 2017 – CANCELLED

2017:time:space: @ LFS – 7 April 2017

2017:time:space: @ NJC – 8 March 2017

Sound Painting Performance@ Esplanade – 3 March 2017
Conductor – Etienne Rolin, Guest Artist – Dirk Johan Stromberg, Orchestra – SOTA IBCP Students

CANCELLED DUE TO VENUE CLOSURE | Choppa, Approaches to Improvisation – The Music Salon – 26 February 2017
Etienne Rolin, Dirk Johan Stromberg

Images of Ascension – HCMC @ Gallery – 25 February 2017
Dirk Johan Stromberg: Performer, Engineer and Producer
Clare Chong: Director

Concert – Artistry Cafe- 4 February 2017
Josten Myburgh, Tim O’Dwyer, Dirk Johan Stromberg and more

Another Sound Experiment – The Music Salon, Singapore – 24 February, 2017
Carl Stone, Akai Hirume, Peter Ivan Edwards, Bani Haykal, Tim O’Dwyer and Dirk Johan Stromberg

CHOPPA Festival @ Lasalle College of the Arts – 21 January 2017
Performer w/Phallophone

2017:time:space: @ SOTA, Singapore – 20 January 2017

Hearing Images | Seeing Sounds – Technical Consultant, Engineer and Facilitator @ Dhoby Ghaut Arts Center – December 2016
Robert Casteels, Milenko Prvacki, Joshua Yang, Dirk Johan Stromberg, Hilmi Johandi

Improvised Performance @ Music Salon, Singapore – 12 November 2016
Dirk Johan Stromberg, Brian O’Reilley, Tim O’Dwyer, Nicola Wiese

CHOPPA Festival @ Brother Joseph McNally Gallery – 6 October 2016
Frank Gartowski, Tim O’Dwyer, Brain O’Reilley, Dirk Johan Stromberg

Composer, Sound Designer, Re-recordist, Foley Artist @ MOVIE Toogie’s Trip to Bukuokuka – Release TBC
Engineer, Guitar, Bass, Strombophone, Phallaphone

2016:time:space: @ temp’ora, France – 30 August – 2 September 2016

Artist in Residence @ SLOSS Furnaces, USA – 14 June – 1 July
Composer, Performer and Collaborator: Guitar, Electronics and Phallaphone

Recording and Mixing Engineer @ Wei III – June 2016

Composer @ MOVIE: Anderer3: The Quiet Cat – April 2016
Strombophone with analog and digital synthesis

Moderator @ Music Playground Singapore – 27 April 2016
Moderating talk on Improvisation with guest artists Rick Smith and Corey Manders

Recording Engineer @ Honestly! 3 Operas, one Hour! – 2 April 2016
Presented by L’arietta

Lecture Demonstration @ Geek Talks – 3 March 2016
Hosted by HackerspaceSG
Lecture demonstration of Tristimulus Synthesis

Performance Demonstration @ Music Playground Singapore – 17 February 2016
Hosted by HackerspaceSG
Isaiah Koh and Dirk Stromberg Presented the Phallaphone and Strombophone.

Nu Ensemble @ Sing Jazz, featuring George E. Lewis – 5 February 2016
Phallaphone free improvisation performance.

Recording Session with Robert Reigle – 31 January 2016
Robert Reigle – Tenor Saxophone, Tim O’Dwyer – Alto Saxophone, Bani Haykal – Guitar and Voice, Dirk Stromberg – Phallaphone

Saturday Sound Experiment, featuring Robert Reigle@ Artistry Cafe – 30 January 2016
Robert Reigle – Tenor Saxophone, Ryan Hess – Tenor Saxophone and Electronics, Andy Chia – Dizi and Electronics, Bani Haykal – Voice and Percussion, Ramu – Percussion, Isaiah Koh – Strombophone, Dirk Stromberg – Phallaphone

Tim O’Dwyer and Dirk Stromberg Duet @ 2016 Choppa Festival – 29 January 2016
Tim O’Dwyer – Meta Sax, Dirk Johan Stromberg – Phallaphone

2015:time:space: @ Duong Dai Festival, Hanoi – 21 November 2015

2015:time:space: @ NUS School of Architecture – 26 – 29 October 2015
Workshops and Performances

Commission – Hanging Gardens, Esplanade Concert Hall – 24 October 2015
Philharmonic Winds, Singapore. Live Electronics and Audio Engineer

Project Ra @ Esplanade, Singapore – 1 October 2015

Sound Islands ’15 @ NTU, Singapore – 27 August 2015
Having a Ball with the Sphere, Paper presentations

Guiding Words @ SOTA, Singapore – 5 – 6 August 2015
Music Director/Audio Engineer, Interdisciplinary Performance

Jazz in July @ Esplanade, Singapore – 13 July 2015
Bass and Guitar with Project Ra

2015:time:space: @ Art Science Museum, Singapore – 9 July 2015
Multimedia Collaborative work for Strombophone, Sphere, two Voices, Plucked Strings, Tape, Processing and Video – Shows at 8 and 9pm.

Music Tech Fest @ Umea, Sweden – 30 May 2015
Featuring: Tim O’Dwyer and Dirk Stromberg

Miss Hecker @ Berlin, Germany – 24 May 2015
Featuring: Chris Heenan, Audrey Chen, Korhan Erel and Dirk Stromberg

Artists for Vanuatu @ Gillman Barracks – 15 April 2015
Featuring Hell Low, weish and Erik Satay and the Kampong Arkestra

time:space:2015 @ Art Science Museum – 26 March 2015
– Postponed to 9 July 2015 out of respect to the late Lee Kuan Yew.

Futurist Orchestra @ Art Science Museum – 12 February 2015
Conducted by Luciana ChessaRussolo Instrument Orchestra

Erik Satay and the Kampong Orchestra @ SOTA – 6 February 2015
Multi-disciplinary live composition, Strombophone 2.0

An Image of Conversations @ Gillman Barracks – 27 January 2015
Aya Sekine (JP) – Keyboards
Bani Haykal (SG) – Percussion and Electronics
Dirk Stromberg (US) – Strombophone
Heddy Boubaker (FR) – Analog Synths
NZSDLX (SG) – Electronics

Erik Satay and the Kampong Orchestra @ Blue Jazz – 3 November 2014
Multi-disciplinary live composition, Strombophone 2.0

2014:time:space: – 2 & 3 October 2014
New collaborative multi-media work.

Duong Dai Festival 2014: Hanoi, Vietnam

11 August 2014
String Installation, excerpts form 2014:time:space:, Tape Music and improvisations for aHarp.

10 August 2014
‘Iterations of Integrations’ for Solo Stromophone

9 August 2014
With Special Guest Bao Long (Saxophone)

Jazz in Hanoi – 8 August 2014
Jazz performance, guitar

Process, School of the Arts Singpore – July 31
Premier: ‘Tape Music’ for any three instruments

Artistry Cafe – 9 July 2014
Richard Barrett, Malina Zaric, Bani Haykel, Tim O’Dwyer and Dirk Stromberg

Jazz in July, Esplanade – 4 July 2014
Live jazz at Esplanade, bass

Mosaic Festival, Singapore – 15 March 2014
Live Latin Music, bass

School of the Arts, Singapore – 11 January 2014

Duong Dai Festival
Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory, Vietnam – 14-17 November 2013
Composer/Performer – New works in collaboration with Do Kien Cuong and Taylor Shane Constante as part of the collaborative group, Trioture

Da:ns Festival: What’s Your Move?
Esplanade, Singapore – 11 October 2013

Asian Composers’ League Forum: Electro-Acoustic Concert
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, Singapore – 23 September 2013
Technical Director

Zeitmusik 20
Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore – 28 August 2013
Technical Director

Jazz in July
Esplanade, Singapore – 1-14 July 2013

Metropolitan Orchestra: Lord of the Rings
Star Theatre, SingaporeJune 2013
Principle Guitarist

Faculty Lecture Recital: Decomposing Jazz
School of the Arts, Singapore – 28 February 2013
Performing standards on guitar and presenting an introduction to jazz.

Studio Session
LaSalle College of the Arts
Recording session with Tim O’Dwyer, Tony Buck and Magda Mayas

Night and Day Bar – 8 January
Duet with Tim O’Dwyer (Strombophone and Saxophone)

Ho Chi Minh City New Music Festival
Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music – 8 December 2012
Featured Artist, Structured improvisation with Taylor Shane Constante

Ho Chi Minh City New Music Festival
Trung Nguyen Coffee, Pham Ngoc Tach – 6 December 2012
Sharing of musical practice in electronic music with local press

New Music Concert
LaSalle College of the Arts – 29 August 2012
Solo and group performance and lecture

Becomings 2012
SOTA, Singapore – 1-3 August 2012
Collaborative Monkey Fist work for Video, Dance, FakeCoder/Responsive Canvas and Visual Artist.

SOTA Faculty Concert
SOTA, Singapore – 13 July 2012
Collaborative work for EWI and Strombophone

Koko the Great
e-book – 10 March 2012
Composition and sound design for an e-book by Natalie Hennedige.

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival – National Musuem – Singapore – 16-19 February 2012
A play on sexuality and religion in society. Script by Jason Wee and Sean Tobin, directed by Sean Tobin. Sound design, composition, and performance by Dirk Johan Stromberg.

Lecture Demonstration
Singapore – National Junior College – 31 January 2012
Lecture demonstration on compositional approaches in my work, particularly looking at the Strombaphone. Performance of “Linger.Keeper”.

LaSalle College of the Arts – Singapore – 27 January 2012
Sharing some compositions and techniques of my compositions for students.

Duong Dai Festival (Contemporary Music Festival) 
Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music – Vietnam, 3 December 2011
Contemporary music festival in HCMC. Works by contemporary composers. Premier of “Linger.Keeper”, a collaborative work by Heidi Nicole Stoeckley and Dirk Johan Stromberg, a MonkeyFist production.

Singapore – August 2011
Collaborative installation work by John Stewart Jackson and Dirk Johan Stromberg. Sound is a musique concrete work that delves into some acoustic-ecological concerns. A MonekyFist production.

SOTA Arts Festival
Singapore – July 2011
Lots of interesting works composed and performed by students. Lots of recording, rehearsing and music directing in general.

Tempest Concert
Monmouth College –  USA, 3 April 2011
Performance of a number of works inspired by Shakespeare’s work, The Tempest. Works include Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata, Nonensemble’s premiere of Dirk Stromberg’s composition Deeper Than Ever Did Plummet Sound and a new collaborative improvisation work with Julia Andrews and Dirk Stromberg.

The Tempest
Galesburg Orpheum Theatre – USA, 9-10 April 2011
Collaborative work with Monmouth College Theatre, Visual Arts and Music Departments. Work will include new music composed by Julia Andrews and Dirk Stromberg, performed by the composers.

NUS Arts Festival – Singapore, 25 March 2011
Collaborative performance with Singaporean-Canadian Dancer Yvonne Ng. This will be the premiere of Dirk Stromberg and John Stewart Jackson’s Enriched Guitar.

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