In chronological order

Boarderless Field (Karma Detonation):

Stromberg & Wachtelaer, Volume 1:

[ALBUM] Images of Ascension: 

[ALBUM] DuoTure, 2017 Malaysia:

[SCORE] 2016:time:space: (score):

[SCORE] 2015:time:space: (score):

[PAPER] International Computer Music Association – Special Issue: Proceedings of Si15 – Here is a journal article I wrote in collaboration with Robert Casteels

[VIDEOS] Youtube account – news, videos and tutorials. Most of my sharing of my work has begun to take up this format.

[ALBUM] One Year Later Two Years Ago (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) – Islak Kopek: 2009, re:KonstruKt

[ALBUM] Essays – Sevket Akinci and Dirk Johan Stromberg: 2009, re:KonstruKt

[ALBUM] Islak Kopek – Islak Kopek: 2008, A&K Muzik

[COMPILATION] 60×60, 2004-2005 – Compilation: 2007, Vox Novus

[ALBUM] Tropendrift – Dirk Johan Stromberg: 2006, In De Knipscheer


I first read Tropendrift / Tropical Drift in December 2004. I was immediately attracted to it because of its sexuality, longing and beauty. Inspired by Tropendrift, I dropped my plans to move to Europe and set off on a three-month trip to Asia to try and gain a better understanding of the aesthetics underlying the book.

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