Isthmus of Sound

Isthmus of Sound is a series of works composed in 2007. They are the culmination of two years of research and experimentation in composition and notation. The work is significant because it represents the first works in what has become the contemporary style that I work in. It offers the level of interaction, improvisation and experimentation that I had been seeking.

The original series consists of four works; Eugene (for Pink Floyd), Both Sides of Multiplicity (for Robert Reigle), Reality and Other (for Do Kien Cuong), and A Fissure (for traditional Vietnamese Instruments). The works approach different compositional and improvisational challenges both as a composer and a performer. Each work is written for specific occasions and instrumentations, yet are considered open works with open instrumentation.

Several other works have been composed in this style for various ensembles. The style is versatile and allows for the performers voice while demanding experimentation and exploration from the performer. You can hear two different versions of Both Sides of Multiplicity here. One can see certain similarities as well as well as exploration and the performers voice.

The compositional and notational style is further elaborated in the notation part of this website.



1) Both Sides of Multiplicity – PAGE 1PAGE 2

More scores from this series, please email me – dirkstromberg_at_gmail_dot_com


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