NuhnEdu is a series of abstractions for dynamic patching in PD (Puredata). It allows for routing of controllers such as MIDI, HID, Wii as well as audio control signals such as envelope following and pitch tracking. The program is designed to function like a sandbox for testing different controller possibilities with a collection of audio abstractions. It has been implemented on PC (in conjunction with GlovePie [script already included] for Wii and HID), OSX (in conjunction with OSCulator [script included] for Wii) and Linux.

It has a number of unique software including the Bell Granular Synthesizer and the PitchSet System, both developed by Dirk Stromberg. NuhnEdu works well for teaching controller mapping, DSP processing and live performance interaction. It is equally well suited for professional use for performance. It is the basis for the Strombinet, a small re-appropriated instrument made of game-controllers.

You will need pd-extended to run this program. Visit for the latest version. OSX users will need to use OSCulator or another translator to get the wii working. Windows users will need to use GlovePie.

There is a preset system included in the program. If you want to load presets from one version to another (carry them over), you need to copy the preset files from;

abstractions->presets->files (you will need the files with zzz in it as well)

This way you can keep your presets form version to version.


Currently NuhnEdu consists of:

Audio: Moog-like FM Synthesizer, Bell Granular Synthesizer, FX processor (comb-filters, delays, reverb, overdrive and vocoder), 4-voice FFT harmonizer, Double Sampler.

Control: HID, Wii, MIDI, and Envelope follower and pitch tracking

Mapping: 1 controller to 3 outputs, 2 controllers to 5 outputs, 2 controllers to 4 outputs (quad),  and multi-control distribution

Algorhythm: PitchSet System,

Future updates include: inclusion of Dirk Johan Stromberg’ JavaSynth, more mapping functionality, the trigger/button option being implemented on all control types. controller interrupt switches for all theft objects, more theft objects.


Download it here: NuhnEdu-v0.36 (includes glovePIE and scripts for Windows and OSCulator Scripts for OSX)

Windows will want to look at these

To get the F710 working correctly look here:

OSX users will need to check this out to get the Strombinet working.

  1. Put the F710 controller into DirectInput mode using switch on front of controller.
  2. Activate the F710 gamepad, so it’s trying to connect to the receiver.
  3. Plug the receiver into the USB port, while the controller is actively connecting to it.

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