This project began with Ty Constante and James Wilkinson. I have since taken the idea to work with different musicians. Here are some different *tures


The Original!

Dirk Johan Stromberg – Strombophone and JavaSynth
James Wilkinson – Trombone
Shane Taylor Constante – Mbira, Percussion and Electronics
Trioture is a new music trio that explores fusions of music in a contemporary context. Their work draws on their diverse backgrounds as nomadic musicians. With hints of Jazz from Dirk and James’ background, Malawi music from Ty’s time in Africa, and elements of sound and timbral exploration from each of their research in technology and Electro-Acoustic Music. Trioture creates music that has a natural sense of exploration with melodic interest and rhythmic pulse on a textural canvas of sonic colors.
Time and Texture

Time and Texture is a collaborative prodction that is a result of a musical exploration between the three members of Trioture and their individual musical journeys. The work draws on each members diverse musical backgrounds including the inclusion of music from Malawi, Jazz and Electro-Acoustic Music.


Time is one of the few necessities of music. It exists in all music in different manifestations. Time in music can sometimes take the shape with pulse, or be presented in a way to give a sense of suspension of time. Either way, music must exist in time for sound to propagate. Trioture’s exploration of time delves into different approaches of perception of time including moments of pulse, suspension of time and juxtaposition between these rhythmic concepts.


Texture in music refers to layers and their interactions. As a trio of eclectic musicians, Trioture instrumentation of trombone, percussion with electronics and strombophone allows for a diverse set of possibilities to create textures that can verge on the tactile. The changing shapes of sounds and their process of time creates a sense of drama of Time and Texture to create serenity, tension and excitement.



A New Trioture

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