Phallophone, A Physical Manifestation of the Trans-Visual/Aural Experience in Performance

A short bit about the Phallophone:

The Phallophone

E-luthier Dirk Stromberg has been developing instruments that offer dynamic and musical interaction and has recently (2015) created his new instrument, the Phallophone. The Phallophone was developed to be versatile with a diverse voice able to adapt to a variety of genres. In its application by its creator, the instrument tries to demystify avant-garde and experimental music by having a “clear transparent, intuitive control metamorphosis with a clear audio-visual link” (Cedric Spindler).

The Phallophone is a sensor based instrument with pitch and amplitude manipulation via a pressure sensitive neck – built to a similar scale to that of a guitar. Timbre is controlled via two mini joysticks for the left index and ring fingers as well as an accelerometer. There is a microphone input that is processed by the same physical modelling and processing engine that processes the synthesis techniques resulting in a clear timbral characteristic despite its diverse capabilities.

The Phallophone is the centre of music creation for the work as well as a central figure in the videos.



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