time:space: is an ongoing project conceived by Robert Casteels, Dirk Stromberg, and Andrew Thomas. The work is composed for fixed media, psychoacoustic diffusion, Sphere, Strombophone, any four instru-ments or instrumental groups, live processing and video.

time:space: was made possible by a research grant through the Singapore government. The work led to the development of a flexible psychoacoustic diffusion program, the electronic instrument Sphere, as well as the composition itself.

Robert and Dirk composed time:space: to explore the physical space through diffusion as well as through the collaboration with different performers. This includes the participation of various performers including dancers, as well as traditional and classical musicians. The performers engage with the work through a graphic score.

time:space: was premiered in 2014 at LASALLE College of the Arts. Designed from the start to be flexible and modulable, the work underwent a continuous developmental metamorphosis with performances at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, National University of Singapore’s School of Architecture and the Duong Dai Festival in Hanoi in 2015. Each performance introduces a new dialogue with different musical ensembles.


October 2014 | Premier at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

July 2015 | First performance with acoustic instruments at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore

October 2015 | Performance at the National University of Singapore School of Architecture

November 2015 | Performance with traditional Vietnamese instruments at Duong Dai Festival, Hanoi

September 2016 | First Performance with Soundpainting at Temp’ Ora Festival, Bordeaux

January 2017 | Performance with students and Soundpainting at School of the Arts, Singapore

March 2017 | Performance with students and Soundpainting at National Junior College, Singapore

April 2017 | Performance with students and Soundpainting at LFS, Singapore

January 2018 | Performance at Open Waters Festival, Halifax (Canada)

May 2018 | Performance at Eunoia Junior College, Singapore

Click here for information on the ongoing project: time:space:


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