Line Segments

Line Segments is a tactile interactive work by Dirk Johan Stromberg. The work intends to engage composers, dancers, performance artists and audience in new ways of creating sound, manipulating an image and moving through its design. The structure is itself a giant instrument and a mixed media sculpture.

Stromberg consistently tries to create tactile instruments that are performative and intuitive. In the case of Line Segments, the work is designed to be open for collaboration allowing other artists from different backgrounds a tool to create performative music, visuals, and dance.

Currently, consisting of four explorations of line; strings Рelectroluminescent that are also controllers, canvas Рa set of 24 capacitive sensitive lines, 3 panels Рa set of 3 panels each with 2 capacitive sensitive lines and orbs -the orbs themselves  representing ends of lines, these have a number of sensors including stretch sensors and can also illuminate.

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